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We are a small breeding farm located within an hour from Denver, CO raising registered Tennessee Walking Horses. We breed for sane, natural smooth gaited and sensible trail and pleasure show horses, with the beauty of color.

In May 2013, we relocated our gorgeous AA Perlino Stallion Maverick, 3 mares and 3 foals. With us in CO is our direct 16+ hand sorrel, The Whole Nine Yards mare, The Whole Keepoodle, our AAEECrCr Perlino Mare, Trav's Pearl Essence and our AAEECrCr Perlino mare, Pearlina RSW. we also have retained our incredibly beautiful AAEECrCr Perlino filly, Mav's EEvAA.

Breeding by OVULATION with help from The OVASCAN OVULATION MONITOR by ANIMARK Read about it under breeding page.

TWHBEA has recognized HorseRadish Farm to be a top 100 Tennessee Walking Horse Breeder.

We are now located at 8200 Sunset Ave Elizabeth, CO 80107.




Unfortunately, due to health reasons, we are no longer going to be breeding horses. A life long dream has to end before we even get to stand the COLT we spent over 10 years waiting for. Breeding has always been a family passion, but without Julie's ability, it's just not something we can continue. Apparently, living in KY for 10 years has caught up to our family as Julie and our daughter Cassie have been diagnosed with Lyme's Disease. Julie also has a severe case of carbon monoxide poisoning. Although, it cannot be determined how this came about, many months of oxygen treatment is neccessary. Julie's doctor believes it is just unreasonable to expect her to continue on with horses in any capacity. Our horses have been like family and they will be sadly missed as they have always brought our family such joy. We truely enjoyed meeting all the mare owners we have bred mares for over the many years.

Mav has been spoken for a long time back already. A gentleman in KY who owns over a dozen Mav foals will be taking him in as his personal riding horse and he will be gelded. He has been an incredible stallion over the years and since he is only 10 years old, he has many years left to enjoy camping and trail riding as a gelding. As the saying goes, an incredible stallion will make an exceptional gelding. This gentleman purchased Mav and Pearlina's AAEe Colt from 2014 and absolutely loves him. When he comes to pick up Mav, he will also be taking Pearlina with him.

So, this leaves our SUPER RARE AAEE COLT, AAwEE, his mare Pearl and the finest AAEE filly we have EVER PRODUCED, EVA. They all have AAEE genetics, super increbile temperaments, natural gait and are in every way fine animals. They are in excellent condition and have been well cared for here. They will make great additions to any riding or breeding program.


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Pearl - AAEE Mare


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See stallion page for Mav's foals.



Mav and Pearl finally blessed us with a AAEE COLT!

Born 6-22-14 see foal page


Our first CO born foal arrived. What a way to start the year but with a solid buckskin filly out of Twinky, our Whole Nine Yards direct mare. She was born on April 24th. More on foal page.

Pearlina foaled a AA Ee Perlino colt on May 4. More on foal page.

We had a record number of Mav foals born in 2013. Please see the very bottom of the stallion page for foal pics.

We have horses for sale, stallion at stud and information about all our horses on our site. If you'd like to know more, please contact us.

Julie Mobile 720-724-4114 (Call or Text)


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